Website Color Palettes

Choose from a list of pre-defined color palettes for your new website. Choose from a list of pre-defined website design color palettes as a quick starting point. Then you can easily customize them to fit your exact color needs.

Website Template Starting Point

Get started quickly by selecting a pre-defined website layout. Also, choose from a list of initial layout designs as a starting point. Then you can easily customize nearly every aspect of this pre-defined website design.

Website Design Control

We give you complete control of nearly every component in your website. Use a combination of sliders and unlimited color palettes to easily move website design components around on your screen in real-time view to get things just the way you want them.

Website Banner Options

Adjust website banner height and style. Adjust your banner height and style. Or hide it all together if you would prefer not to display one at all. Additionally, under the Banner Settings are of your website, you can upload multiple banners and setup a slideshow with captions and links.

Website Logo Placement

Add a custom website logo and position it anywhere on your design. Add a logo that can be positioned anywhere on your website using simple sliders to position it just where you want it.

Add Custom Website Background

Add website texture to your design with background tiles or images. Easily upload a website background image to your design, either as a tiled texture, horizontal design or full page image.

Website Navigation Menus

Take complete control of your website navigation menu colors and style. Take complete control of your websites navigation menu and position it where you like. Change font sizes, spacing, height, mouseover colors and much more.

Website Optional Column

Customize the style and colors of your optional right or left-hand website content area. If you choose to use the right or left-hand column feature, you can control it's background and font colors independently of your website page content.

Website Content Control

Your website content, including fonts, colors, line spacing and more can be easily manipulated. Adjust your website contents font, font sizes, colors and headings. And also upload web fonts from Google Fonts or

Website Footer Style

Customize the colors and style of your website footer content. Customize the colors and styles of your website footer content.

As always, these are just the highlights and, since our website design and management system is always evolving, we are always open to suggestions for new features.


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