Travis RushRushweb has been building websites for over 18 years. Travis Rush began by walking the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, in 1997, trying to sell websites door to door. And then building, whatever he could convince people to sign up for, in the evenings and on weekends. Working seven days a week and trying to sell something called a "website," which most people thought was nothing more than a passing fad, Rush slowly but steadily began building Rushweb.
"There were times when people would swear at me and tell me to 'get out' of their business and stop trying to sell this website non-sense," Rush laughingly explains. "But then there were those, about one out of every ten that would actually ask some questions, mostly just curious about it all. These one's kept me going." And then about one out of every five of those curious one's would agree to hire Travis to build them a very simple website.
Since Rush tends to be a bit stubborn when he believes in something, and then there's also the fact that the so called "fad" hadn't gone away yet, he was able to grow his company to host around 500 websites by 2001.
John Rush, O.D.Then in 2001, Travis and his father, Dr. John Rush, an Optometrist in Gold Beach, Oregon, began developing a template driven website for the optometric field. With Travis' programming experience and Dr. Rush's understanding of the optometric field, they began building a very basic system that would unexpectedly become a standard in the industry. After multiple revisions and version over the next few years, this system, aptly called "Eyehub", would become the largest Optometric focused website hosting service in the country. Eyehub hosts and manages websites and online contact lens shopping systems for thousands of Optometrists across the U.S.
In 2006, as an active member of the East Portland Rotary Club, Travis decided there was another market that his template driven website hosting system would be perfect for. So he began developing a program now called Club Web Source. Club Web Source has become a very reputable web site solution for, not only Rotary Clubs around the world, but all types and sizes of non-profit organizations that need a website that is focused on the needs of member based organizations. The tools provided by the Club Web Source system allow clubs and non-profit groups to communicate more easily and efficiently among their members and volunteers. Today Club Web Source provides its services to clubs all over the U.S., Canada and Australia.
Finally, in 2008, Rush decided to step back and look at his original website development company that was still building custom websites one at a time for small to mid-sized businesses. After building two successful template driven systems for the Optometric field and the club and non-profit sector, he decided that it was time to build a similar system for small businesses. The benefit Rush had was that he could draw on over 10 years of custom built tools for the hundreds of companies that he and his team had built website applications for. So he began by going back and reviewing all of the coolest features that they had built over those 10 years and compiled a list of tools that this small business template system would need to have to be competitive. "It seemed to me that the technology was now there that would allow us to build a system small businesses could use that didn't feel like a template to them or their customers," Travis explains. "The first version had its issues, as you might expect the first version of something to have, but we worked through them and eventually came up with a system by version 1.5 that I was very proud of and actually preferred to use myself when working on our own company website."
Recently, Rush has just released version 3.0 of his small business system simply called "Rushweb Pro." This system has virtually everything necessary to make a small business successful on the web. From easy-to-use content management, online shopping and image editing tools, to search engine optimization and social networking support, "Rushweb Pro" can easily compete with even the largest and most complicated custom built applications. It provides a simple solutions for those looking for a simply website, while still providing the flexibility needed for more complicated applications.
Today the system is constantly evolving with new features and tools being added on a mass level so that everyone using the system instantly benefits from these new features without ever having to install anything. "All upgrades and feature additions are done by us so our customers never have to mess with installation and upgrade issues, which are never fun in my opinion" Rush says. "As our slogan says, 'we keep it simple.' And this will continue to be my goal as we continue expanding all 3 of our website systems with new tools and features."